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Home Delivery
Don’t have time to come in to fill your pet’s prescription or special diet? We can provide prescription information and refill requests via VetSource. This is an online process which will allow you to fill your pet’s needed medications and diets from the comfort of home and have them delivered. You can even have monthly heartworm and flea/ tick products sent to your door in single monthly doses – no more forgetting when to give their monthly medications! See below link for details.


Pet Records
Ever have a middle of the night emergency? Ever wish you could access your pet’s medical records whenever you need to print your pet’s vaccine history from home? Vetport makes that easy. Vetport allows you to access you pet’s medical records even when our office is closed. Ask us how at your next visit.

Review Us
We appreciate your feedback and hope to use it to better serve you and your pet. If you enjoyed your time at Oceanside Animal Hospital please give us a review. Just choose from any of the site links listed below to start your review!


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We’d like to give a shout out to some of the people that helped build Oceanside Animal Hospital!

Photography Credit
Katherine L. Jackson
The Mirrored Image Photography

Hospital Architect
Jennifer Drain

Building Construction
Eric Thorson
Thorson Restoration & Construction

Website Design



Educational Information and Related Links

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Small Mammal Care
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Avian Care
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Reptile Care
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Dental Disease



Indoor Pets
Indoor Pet Initiative – Enriching the lives or indoor pets

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