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The best way we feel that you can protect your pet is to plan ahead. As a result, we have developed some programs to help pet owners financially plan for their pet’s care and well-being. We feel that the best care can be managed by combining a packaged Wellness Plan and Pet Insurance together. Please see below for details on these programs.


As the capabilities of veterinary medicine have risen drastically over the past 20 years, so has the cost. We have decided to package patient care into Wellness Plans tailored to your pet’s life stage. In doing so we are able to provide discounted services on both wellness and therapeutic care. These Wellness Plans allow us to make the best recommendations for your pet, and allow you to be able to fulfill those recommendations by splitting payment into monthly installments over the course of the year. Depending on the life stage of your pet these programs may include annual wellness examination, vaccinations, heartworm testing, preventative medications, spay/neuter, dentistry, and additional office visits which you can use on an as needed basis for any concerns you might have regarding your pet’s health.

At Oceanside Animal Hospital we are committed to the welfare of your pets as members of your family. Our Preventative Service Wellness Plans allow us to work with you to provide the best preventative care to keep your pets happy & healthy for as long as possible. Our Wellness Plans have the following benefits:

•    Significant discounts on preventative services included in plans

•    Allow owners to budget for their pets care

•    Make payments for included plan services over a 12 month period

•    Provide optimal preventative care for pets

Why do we offer them?
Saving lives and keeping pets healthy is what we do. Our goal is to keep your pet from getting sick. These plans help us do just that. It is better to prevent illness than to treat an already ill pet.

Who can participate?
Wellness Plans are designed for healthy pets to help keep them healthy. As pets with certain illnesses may require more individualized care we are unable to offer preventative care plans to all patients. An examination with one of our doctors is required to determine eligibility.

When can you enroll?
Preventative Care Plans can be enrolled at any time as long as the pet meets eligibility criteria based on their physical examination. Plans split payment over a 12 month period and automatically renew.

Where can you use a plan?
Plan services may ONLY be utilized at Oceanside Animal Hospital. Items are NOT transferrable to other facilities or to other individuals or pets.

How can you enroll?
See one of our staff members to get more information on the enrollment process. Applications are completed at the hospital at enrollment and automatic debits from a bank account or charges on a credit card are made via a secure third party (Extend Credit) on the same day of each month. Download EXTEND CREDIT Application


•    Discounted services on Preventative Care
•    One Time Enrollment Fee
•    Monthly Payments Spread over 12 Month Period
•    Incorporates items listed in selected plan with set quantity
•    Plans are individually tailored toward your pet’s age and care needs
•    NON-CORE vaccinations are NOT included in Plans (see plan details for more info)
•    Payment via Automatic Debit or Credit Card Payment OR Payment in Full at time of Enrollment
•    Automatic Renewal
•    Services do not rollover from Year to Year – Must be utilized within 12 months of enrollment
•    Upgrades may be performed at any time with update of Enrollment date to date of upgrade
•    Cancellation and Downgrades Allowed with 30 days Notice
     *Account Balance Will Be Due If Retail Value of Services Utilized Exceeds Past Payments* (see plan details)


Please Note:
We recommend Trupanion Pet Insurance in conjunction with our Preventative Service Wellness Plans for COMPLETE Pet Care and Security.

If you are interested in learning more about these programs please contact us at or 508-744-3838.



After much research into over 15 different pet insurance companies, we have decided to recommend Trupanion Pet Insurance for our patients. This program covers illness and accident in dogs and cats. We have found that plans covering wellness as well have higher premiums and less inclusive coverage. As a result, we feel it is most important to have pet insurance for the circumstances that we cannot plan for, and which, often end up with significant financial burden. Please click the link below for more information regarding this pet insurance program. In general Trupanion will cover 90% of your cost for diagnostics, treatment, surgery, and medications for your pet (they do not include preventative care such as vaccines, examination, or heartworm / flea and tick preventatives). While it is best to sign up as soon as you get your pet, we also have free 30 day trials available for pet owners when coming in for an appointment.

We do not receive any compensation for recommending this program.



Care Credit is a credit card system for pets which allows for the pet owner to care for their pet now while having the flexibility to split payments over time. Typical applications take less than 10 minutes to fill out and most packages include 6 months interest- free financing.


Payment is due at the time services are rendered. For all procedures (including sedation, surgery, and dentistry) a verbal or written treatment plan will be created for the owner so that you are able to review the plan and ask any questions that you may have. A 50% deposit is required at the time of admission and balance is due in full at the time of discharge. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your pet’s treatment plan please address them with the staff prior to the pet’s procedure.

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